Maryellen Cammisa was the real estate agent who helped me find and buy my first house in June 2000. It was an extremely positive experience and with Maryellen’s support and guidance, I purchased a home which was perfect for me. We knew the house needed a lot of work to bring it up to date but Maryellen was right in that the house had “good bones” and I was very happy there.

When it came time to sell and move from this home, which listed in September 2013, I didn’t even consider another agent. By November, I had an acceptable offer and a seamless settlement just took place on January 24, 2014. So much has changed in the market over the years from when I was the buyer but once again, Maryellen Cammisa was the quintessential professional: expert in her field, knowledgeable of the market, ethical, detail oriented, always available or prompt in her response to calls or emails, while also being warm and caring.

Selling was more anxiety producing for me than buying but I actually enjoyed the process and we even had a few laughs over the months. Maryellen walked me through all the steps, “holding my hand” when need be and more than once talking me off that cliff of anxiety. I also work in a field requiring ultimate customer service and have very high standards of excellence. Maryellen Cammisa met or exceeded these standards from beginning to end. She’s great and I highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home in Philadelphia.
— Glenn Groves
Though I am only 29, as you have probably observed, I am not the typical twenty-something. I have seen more in my short years than most have in their dreams and nightmares, and I have come to believe, quite firmly and with absolute conviction, that there are no coincidences, no mistakes, no accidents.

This house and the appurtenances to its acquisition found me, as have many other things in my life, quite serendipitously. In that context, I must say, that you were a wonderful agent and representative. I think that, to the extent that there was a ton of activity on this property and that closing happened so fast, we had a lot of fun with it – I know I did. You were most gracious to accommodate my eccentricities, including my perpetually remiss punctuality, incomplete attire and at times embarrassingly pompous comportment.

I will always remember your counsel to “close the deal” that day as one of my best career trades. I never forget those. To the extent that I have a circle of friends, family, acquaintances and fellow investors who have, are or will be doing business in Philadelphia-area real estate, I will make it a point to let them know that there is only one person with whom they should be conducting their business. When I get out of this chair and healed, I look forward to a chance to get out and ride and of course move on to the next deal!!
— Gordan
For those who say real estate agents do not earn their commissions, I will hold you up as exhibit A to the contrary. I appreciate your efforts. Also be aware that I am not a detail person (occasionally to my detriment) and I have great need to surround myself with people like yourself who can get things done. I owe my friends a great deal for referring us to you. Sort of a long winded way of saying thanks and keep up the good work…
— Marty Huegel
Sincerest thanks for the excellent job in your handling of the sales transaction. 6 days—you are a “rock star.”
— Ben Hetzer
We just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help getting us into our new home. There are boxes all over the place, we can’t find anything & we forget where we are in the middle of the night…and we couldn’t be happier. We love the place and are thankful for your part in making it ours. I’m sure we’ll run into you on one of your million-mile bike rides.
— Khoi Dang & Molly Drew
Maryellen helped me find a home that I love. She was very patient and assisted me in each step of the process. She was very responsive when I had questions and extremely knowledgeable about Philadelphia. I would highly recommend Maryellen.
— Nancy McDonald
We found her by accident and we were very lucky. She works hard, is organized and is a pleasure to work with. Even after the closing she’s been not just helpful, but instrumental in helping us navigate the unique challenges of settling into a new city.
— Kyle Merker & George Graham

Great in every way. I can’t recommend Maryellen highly enough. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. We were able to easily reach her with any questions or concerns. She always made us feel comfortable and confident that our house would sell- in fact, she sold our house in 5 days!

Kristin Vosburg & Brendan Yuhas